Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Flexible Friend

I've been working on new pieces for tomorrow's Distracted market at Aranmore College Hall.

I've been itching the use the vintage wallpaper I gathered on my last trip to Melbourne and yesterday I worked out a new item that I'm very happy with. I sewed the vinyl wallpaper to handpainted silk using circles and circles of stitching, attached a loop of fabric to the back and threaded them on to two strands of ribbon.

I had flexibility in mind, so they can be worn as a necklace, headpiece/fascinator (I was thinking Melbourne Cup actually, dahhhlings), wrist corsage and they could even be pinned to wear as a brooch or decorate a belt. Because they are ultralight they are really versatile and a bit of a step away from my usual chunky polymer ways. I'm quite excited about them actually!

This is the only blue/green version, and there are two different orange/pink/yellow ones made from some delightful 70s wallpaper and silk. The other fun thing is you can scrunch the flowers up to make them more 'closed' than they are here - love interactive features!

My next get a better model. I'm losing too much time to photoshopping out my wrinkles these days - eeek!!!