Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three little bears came out to play

One of my ordained roles within my family is as cakemaker for certain events - including my neice's upcoming third birthday celebrations. The chosen theme for this year: teddy bears picnic.

After much pondering on decorative techniques, I decided to use my existing skills instead of learning new sugar paste ones and created this little family out of polymer clay...

They are going to sit on a square cake iced to look like a chequered picnic rug. They did turn out looking a little more like koalas than I intended (minus the pouches and syphillis) and mamma bear does tend to fall over if not propped up (gin for lunch again) but overall I think they have worked out well. Depending on how well I managed to do the icing, I may post a picture of the final product.
The trick will be convincing my neice not to try to eat them...

1 comment:

Jacquie said...

Oh my Sarah, they are just too cute. They do look like koalas. Just make it a koala picnic.

Love the paws and the little ones teddy.