Friday, July 3, 2009

And I finally did something with those buttons...

So I finally got around to playing with my new cast shapes, and inspired by discussions with the Lovely Liza from Lillybuds and Eclectic Elaine from Behind the Monkey (sorry - can't resist alliteration), I started playing with combining fabric with the buttons for some larger neckpieces.

I had a whole lot of silk squirrelled away from my murky past as a silk painter, so ruthlessly tore it up to fashion some small blooms, which I spent yesterday afternoon sewing and attached them to two strands of loose silk braids. There are three different types of silk in the posies: a habotoi which is a fine lightweight silk, a beautiful silk satin that I think my mum picked up for me in Vietnam years ago (figured I didn't use it for a wedding dress so safe to repurpose now!) and a stiffer, stronger dupion which forms the base for most of the flowers.

I don't think it is quite at its final stage yet (maybe a little too white...could try tea dying it to give it a more vintage look) but would be interested in feedback. It's definitely heading in the direction of a bridal neckpiece I think, next I'll probably play around with combining fabric and buttons to create some pieces for the "not getting married just want a cool necklace" market.


Osier! said...

i love them! but i do agree that some tea-staining would be beneficial, perhaps some layers with and some without... i just wanna see those great buttons a little more!

but on the whole, veeeerrrrry beautiful.

gaurav11 said...

they look so milky white - I love them as they are - look forward to seeing the finished pieces
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